University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh
Writing Style Manual



(CM 7.22, 7.73)

Capitalize the official names of fellowships and scholarships. On subsequent references, fellow and scholar should be lowercased, unless they come directly before a name.

  • Helen Faison Scholarship; Faison scholar or Faison scholarship
  • Fulbright scholar; Fulbright Scholar John Doe
  • National Merit scholarships
  • Andrew Mellon Fellowship; Mellon fellow


For the sake of clarity, capitalize the names of forms in copy-dense materials, such as school bulletins and admissions, scholarship, and financial aid materials. (Note: Do not capitalize the word form.)

  • Students must fill out the Grade Option form and the Request for Education Benefits form.


Use as one word, without a hyphen, in all instances, unless it is set forth differently as part of a proper name.